About us


The Full Spectrum team is made up of four artists who

  • present impressive light and fire shows for various events,
  • lead workshops, and
  • organize safety-conscious firespaces

to make your event a memorable one. Our expertise ranges from captivating stage presence to programmed stage lights to music and visual art. We create unforgettable experiences that awaken the senses. Full Spectrum stands for unique productions where music, light and movement combine to create a harmonious whole.

LED show

Light, music and magic: our LED show will take you to a world where music and visual art merge into a harmonious whole. We are pleased to offer you an extraordinary show, where stage decoration and props shine in perfect synchronization to the music.
Our fascinating LED staging is more than just a show – it is an experience for the senses. Every single beam of light, every color change, and every movement of the props have been most carefully coordinated with the music to create an immersive and unforgettable performance.
From soft and dreamy sounds to powerful beats, our choreography fluidly adapts to the tempo and mood of the music. The stage becomes a canvas on which a breathtaking light show is created, picking up and amplifying the emotions of the music.
We artists magically interact with the melodies with our props. This interaction creates a deep connection between the visual elements and the acoustic impressions that leaves the audience in awe.
Our LED show is not only a spectacle, but a work of art that blurs the boundaries between light, sound and emotion. We invite you to be enchanted by this unique performance and immerse yourself with us in a world where music and light merge into an unforgettable overall experience.
Experience the future of stage art – let our LED show inspire and excite you. Immerse yourself in a world of magic and emotion, where music and visual aesthetics merge into one irresistible entity.

Firespace and workshops

Ignite the fascination of fire at festivals and events with our workshops and firespaces!
As experienced fire artists and workshop leaders, we offer an incomparable participatory experience, where the play with fire is staged in a safe and spectacular atmosphere. We take the audience into a world of fire, where the visitors are the center of attention and can try out the movement artistry of fire artistry in an entertaining and inspiring way.
Visitors who have previously participated in our workshops can try playing with fire under strict supervision and the highest safety standards. Our Firespace offers the opportunity to experience the art of fire artistry for yourself in a responsible manner. Here you can put your newly acquired knowledge from our workshops into practice and demonstrate your skills in front of an enthusiastic audience.
Your safety is our top priority. Our Full Spectrum team is on hand to oversee every aspect of fire handling and ensure that both beginners and spectators have a memorable, but most importantly, safe experience.
Create an unforgettable atmosphere at your next festival or event with our workshops and firespaces. Whether through our own professional performance or through the participation of enthusiastic workshop participants, we bring the magic of fire to you, with safety and spectacle going hand in hand.

Workshops without fire
(with fiery souvenir pictures)

Discover the art of flowing movement in our versatile workshops that are perfect for school projects, corporate events, company sports and private occasions. We teach you the fundamentals that form the basis for fire and light performances as well as captivating movement art.
Thanks to our effective teaching methods, you will experience rapid progress and immerse yourself and your group in an inspiring community experience. Perhaps this is the first step to a new hobby with many quick successes.
Our workshops combine exercise and fun and appeal to people of all fitness levels and every level of coordination. It doesn’t matter if you have been sitting on the couch or are already an ambitious athlete – with us you will find your individual comfort zone. The different levels of difficulty allow everyone to progress at their own pace and have fun.
Our workshops are aimed at young people and adults who have a desire for more movement, personal development and a strengthened self-confidence. Let our workshops inspire you to experience movement, develop yourself and celebrate a sense of achievement.